Establish your business in UK with startup, innovator or business visa

UK Startup Lab helps high-tech innovators and businesses to come in the United Kingdom with a startup visa, innovator visa, sole business representative or UK entrepreneur visa.

Our Services

What We Do

We give expert support so you can establish your own high-tech, high-growth business in the UK. We also help you apply for a UK startup visa, innovator visa or sole representative visa. 

Idea Discovery

If you have a startup idea and want to know how to set up your own business, we can help. We provide expert mentoring and support to show you how to open a profitable and sustainable startup in the UK.

VISA Application

We take the worry out of your UK startup, innovative or business sole representative visa application and work with experienced immigration law firms to sort your visa application out. This includes from document preparation and filing of your visa application as standard.

Business Starter

Our ability to quickly source expert consultants and services for your project means your startup can begin trading as soon as possible. We can fast-track registration of your UK startup company, website, e-mail, software, and more.

Product Launch

With our team of business support specialists, we can help you plan for the future. This includes forecasting sales, performing market research, helping to secure finance, and ensuring consistent business growth.

Business Support

Our experienced business development consultants will be with you to plan and forecast sales,  understand market and effectively grow your business.

Grow and Scale

Our consultants work with you to advise how best to scale your technical platforms for business growth. We have a proven track record of scaling businesses from a handful of customers to hundreds of thousands via access to global marketplaces.

Start Your Project

Grow Your Business With Our Expertise

Setting up your own business in the UK can be fraught with challenges. But with the support of UK Startup Lab, you are not on your own. With our expert guidance, you will be able to focus on growing your business - without making costly mistakes.


We provide cost-effective services tailored to each stage of your business. From idea generation and company foundation to UK startup visa application and growth planning.



Startup Starter


From idea to ready-to-go roadmap

  • Initial Business Consultation
  • Business Plan
  • Income Generation Website Setup
  • Social Media Setup
  • Attract Traffic to Website
  • Pre-endorsement Guidance
VISA Process



From assessment to VISA application

  • Idea Validation
  • Mentoring and Training
  • Endorsement Support
  • VISA Application Processing
Business Growth


Coaching and mentoring for 2 yrs

  • Tailored 1:1 Consultancy
  • UK Legislative policy setup
  • Business Plan Review
  • Business Growth Plan
  • Cost Analysis
  • Workshop and Networking