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We turn your innovative idea into a viable and scalable business for tomorrow.

Start with a strong foundation and get the right guidance to make your UK startup vision a reality.

Our expert business and tech consultants are ready to help you along the way. This includes: establishing the business on a strong foundation, getting a UK startup visa and associated documents filed, and starting your viable business in the UK.

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With our expert guidance, your UK startup business can get off the ground immediately. We have close associations with knowledgeable consultants and service providers, meaning your company’s progress will be fast-tracked and on target to deliver growth. Our business expertise and close mentoring means costly mistakes are a thing of the past.

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We work to realise your startup vision

Whether you choose to open a startup in the UK or not, your business idea is something that will likely work, given the correct guidance, technology, and support. We strive to understand the motivations of your idea and suggest practical steps to make it a reality. In all cases, we look to scale your business and make it sustainable.

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Turn your startup vision into a viable UK business. Let us work with you to form a UK company, arrange your UK startup visa, and give expert support to turn your idea into reality.

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Dr Monowar Hossen

Co-founder &
Business Growth Specialist
Dr Monowar Hossen is a founding partner of UK Startup Lab. As a Business Growth Manager for the Building Legacies programme, he has been serving Canary Wharf Group PLC, London, UK and specialises in – startup businesses, strategic business planning, policy setup, business & cost analysis, green supply chain, and networking. Dr Monowar is also practising as a Leadership & Management Consultant.

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Dr Faruque Sarker

Co-founder &
Software Solution Architect
Dr M O Faruque Sarker is a managing partner of UK Startup Lab. He is also a founder of VURSOFT. As a Senior Infrastructure Application Architect, he has been serving University College London, UK. He specialises in – designing and developing the architecture of cloud, web and mobile applications for startup businesses and enterprises.

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